My country does not exist just to give tourists a thrill

I’m so sick of Americans going to China and acting like the country is there just to give them a thrill. 

I’m sick of them getting all excited about how cheap everything is, and how many people there are — and not saying a word about the blatant poverty, the homeless, the pollution and the political corruption. 

That’s self-absorbed bullshit and it’s so OFFENSIVE to me when I hear people say how much an adventure to China changed their lives. It’s like those reality show stars who talk about how much having a kid will make them better people. It’s selfish and arrogant and makes me want to flush all the cheap (no doubt ugly) jade all the tourists buy down the toilet. 

Yes, China is the new Wild West of Capitalism. That’s not a good thing! 

  • Having most of the population be under the thumb of an authoritarian government is not a good thing! 
  • Having your Internet and free speech censored is not a good thing! 
  • Having so so so many cheap merchandise is not a good thing! 
  • Having exploited labor is not a good thing!
  • Having an exploited environment — Three Gorges Dam, anyone? — is not a good thing!

If you’re excited by China more than you feel anxiety about it, you seriously need to check your morals.